Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Harddrive is shot

So no pictures, sorry :(  I was having some issues with my laptop the last week or so. Every time I tried doing something the little rainbow colored spinning circle would spin forever. And when I tried force quitting, that took forever.  I kept telling Curt there was a problem ( he is still upset that I broke the hinge/ bottom of the screen and could only use the laptop while it was propped up just so)  He kept saying he'd look at it - and then weird warning screens.  So he has to get the stuff off the hard drive without it going completely.  The only problem is the computer remembers most of my passwords.  And has my pics and the knitting patterns I've  downloaded.  And everything it seems.  So right now I'm using his old laptop.  I did have pictures of my completed fingerless mitts, 3 more squares for my afghan and the beginning of my socks using Ruths evil stepmother.  Next time - or else I'll have to take new pics.  I missed my knitting group, because everyone hadn't checked in before the computer went.   I tried to check, but I couldn't remember my ravelry password.  SIGH.

It's raining now,  snowed earlier.  The plows never went out on 80 or 46 it appears even when Curt drove to work 3 hours after I did.  I spent most of my drive at 330 am driving in the hardpack created by trucks, and it really wasn't bad.  Curt had a serious mess at 7, because of all the extra traffic running on the road.  I think over half the building called out ( wusses) but there really wasn't any customers either.  I did manage to get a lot of work done which is good because I am only working 3 hours tomorrow morning.  I had called the terminal for my carpet truck, because C had said if was snowing bad when he woke  up he was calling out.  I kind HOPED he would call out so I could go home early.  But no, he was working.  ( yeah, I was still kinda happy)   I went to tell receiving that my truck was still coming - and there was NO ONE back there!  UPS was trying to get in.  I let UPS in - and when I called the phone center to find out where everyone was - she told me that all three of them called out and the manager told her that if any drivers called trying to get in or came around the front to call ME!!  Nice of them to tell me!!  Fortunately UPS only had 30 boxes so it was pretty easy to deal with, and the cabinet truck only had 4 boxes, and I headed for lunch.  Then I thought about it - I still couldn't just hang out in receiving - and I searched my received calls on my phone for a 609 number from over a month ago when he had called me to say he'd be late.  Fortunately it was still on there.  So I called him so he would call me when he left the stop before me.  Came back from lunch - took care of fedex.  Went back out to finish my price changes when he called me back.  I go back to receiving and one of the dept. supv's is trying to unload a salt truck (which was supposed to be in at 6am so I assumed was done by the night crew)  he's going so SLOW with the machine - my grandma could have finished faster.  I basically told him he was too slow and I needed my dock so get off the machine I'd do the truck - he was trying to be helpful because he heard I had done all the trucks ( but he was going to need my help keyrecing anyway)  The driver ( who just wanted to make it back before his driving time was up ) told the guy to let me do it - I'm apparantly crazy but good. Hee hee hee.  One of the asm's had come back to look at the salt I guess , and was trying to tell me it was depot's dock not mine.  Bull Sh*t!!   I told her from 1230 until I was done with MY carpet truck, unloading MY carpet on mon wed and fri it's MY dock.   Long story ending - instead of leaving early, I didn't leave until 245 pm - 10 hours and 15 minutes not counting lunch.  sigh.

Tomorrow dear Angie will hopefully remember about the little blinking turn signals and pass her drivers exam - wish her luck.  ( That's the good thing about the extra hours I worked on monday and today - I won't have to use as much personal time to cover going home early)


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  1. Glad to see you posting again! Good luck to Angie on her drivers test, hope the roads aren't slippery. I can't remember all the computer passwords either, so I keep them in an index card file box under the computer. Defeats the purpose about being secret and being paperless, oh well.


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