Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ok it's 4:38 I should be at work. We have a big ice storm here, but I usually don't let weather bother me. Well after 10 minutes I only chipped out a hole the size of my hand in the ice on my car. Not to mention I had to walk on the grass as the crunchiness gave it some traction. I was actually bracing my foot on the tire while chipping, and as I park on a slight hill, I'm not sure how to avoid sliding away from the car on that side. And there's the issue of my street is a serious hill, my driveway is a serious uphill. and there are 2 hard turns on downhills between me and I-80. At 3:30 I can hear the cars on the highway and that sounds clear- but I have to get there first. So I decided f this and called and told them I'd come in between 9:30 and 10 and stay until 3. Never was late for snow, but screw this ice.

Now the pics. This is actually a glass pendant bead I'm using for the button on my tony bag.

pendant bead button

And here's the finished bag:

tony bag

I also finished weaving in the ends off my stole and doing the single crochet border. Now it just needs blocking.

noro stole

It came out a bit wider than I anticipated, so I'm a little nervous about it turning into a blanket when blocked.


  1. I am a native Californian, and so far have never been colder than about 25 F. Stories like this make me want to keep it that way! =P

    Also, your stole came out beautifully! Awesome yarn choice- the colors are neat. I really need to try a dropped stitch something at some point this year.

  2. The button is perfect, very striking! Shawl is beautiful too. Sorry about the ice. Hope the ice melts and doesn't refreeze over night.

  3. Unfortunately living in KS I know all about ice! It sucks. One ice storm the neighbors tree fell on our power line to our house and took out our electricity for 10 days! Not fun... Be careful.

    The button is very cute and matches awesomely! I've tried a little of that dropped stitch pattern on a scarve. I really like the way yours looks.

    Thank you for your thoughts concerning my mom. I really appreciate it :)

  4. What a lot you've been through while I was out of town! Sorry about the glasses thing... sooo frustrating. And ice?! :shudder: I don't deal with it often, living in Austin, but I do know what you mean! Not worth the risk, really. I hope you're not stranded for long. Stay warm!

    The button is a great touch; what a striking FO, really. :) And blanket or stole, it is beautiful and will be perfectly warm. Enjoy it!


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