Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years !

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone's New Year's was safe. I ran out of batteries last night so I have no pictures. I took a couple with my cell phone, but w/o a flash they came out terrible. Speaking of terrible - whomever invented crackers with confetti in them should be shot. My brother bought a bunch of party crackers for the kids and when they popped them open confetti flew out everywhere!! Not nice large easy to vacuum confetti ( I had some in the shape of party hats, horns and 2009 on the table - easy to vacuum and if the vacuum misses them it's easy enough to pick them up) No this was fine multi colored confetti that now is everywhere! GRRRRR. We played gutar hero rock band for most of the night - you wouldn't believe how fast midnght showed up.
My daughter painted her room this week and had to move everything back into her room before the party. It wasn't looking good, but she got 2 of her friends to come over at 7am to help her finish. I was flipping out on her telling her everything not in her room was going in the dumpster! Especially since her friends were sleeping over and she needed a floor in her room for sleeping bags! But she pulled it off and by 2pm ( yes 3 people 7 hours- how is that possible?) it looked decent. She still hasn't hung her pictures back up but that's ok.
So french toast casserole w/ cranberries and mandarin oranges for breakfast this morning (easy breakfast for 8 ) I was up at 515 (it's a curse) and I realized I forgot all about the stuffed mushrooms and fried ravioli. So guess what we had for lunch?
After lunch Curt and I went to see Valkyrie. Excellent movie. I was rooting for cruise's colonel even though I knew how it would end.
For dinner we had the southern New Year's Day good luck dinner as always. Curt's Louisiana roots are a little different from mine so we have a compromise. All the food is supposed to bring you luck through the year. So we had black-eyed peas over rice, corn bread with whole kernels of corn and chili's inside with some cheddar on top in the crust, collard greens ( I hope my granma will forgive me - I used frozen collards) fried catfish and pomegranite sauce over vanilla ice cream.


  1. Oh, the confetti blues! Have you ever gotten cards or gifts where it's been stuffed into the envelope or gift bag? Not fun. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Day. I had my blackeyed peas too. I think I am the only one who doesn't like them. I just eat them hoping for good luck!


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