Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend updates

Sick, sick, sick sick - yes that pretty much covers it. And it's my fault. I pretty much never get sick. I have a surefire plan whenever people around me get sick or when I get that little tickle in the back of my throat a couple days before I actually get sick. I use either airborne tabs or zenergizer ( I like the zenergizer better) which have a bunch of vitamins and herbs in a effervescent bubbly tablet. like 3 or 4 times a day. (yes I know not to do it for too many days or it can get toxic) I also use zicam nasal swabs 4 or 5 times a day ( I tried the melts and as gross as the swabs are they are the way to go) and a netti pot before bed and when I wake up. now when my throat felt funny last weekend, and angie was sniffling I was running low on both the items because curt had been sick after Christmas. So I gave angie what i had, and figured I'd get some on monday. Except I worked late monday and she had a meet. So didn't get any until tuesday afternoon. Well it was seriously too late. WEdnesday I started coughing. Thursday it was worse - I had to take a cup of tea everywhere I went to keep from coughing up an internal organ. Friday, I was feeling soo bad I had to cancel on the knitting group and actually went home after 3 hours of work. I spent most of the weekend drinking tea in bed.

angie's birthday was last week. 17! so saturday we let her take a bunch of her friends to olive garden and the benjamin button movie. So I did have to drag myself out for that, but I went home and napped during the movie. (it's almost 3 hours long!)

sunday I was slipping in and out of watching football. I went to work today, still coughing a little. A lot of people said I should have stayed home, but then it would have been more work the rest of the week. C came early with my carpet delivery but not with his "big boy truck" he didn't have a lot so they sent him out with a 30 foot box truck instead of the tractor trailer. Problem - all my lift equip are taller than the roof, and my rolls were way up by the nose. So we had to use the rope hooks which took so long, I left on time. i was hoping for early. But at least if he had come on time, I would have left late. I really really hope I stop coughing and can go to knitting tomorrow. I'm down to about a coughing fit every 45 min or so. Well I'n not going to get better if I don't get to sleep.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better today. It does take a while to kick a bug out of your system once it settles in. Sleep is my favorite cure when that happens.


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