Monday, January 5, 2009

Be the Bear!

So it was an 11 hour day for me. Mixed surprise, I got a carpet delivery. Apparantly we not only cancelled the 2 friday's appointments, but because the appt is really at 3 and Dan was leaving at 3:30, and their was no night crew, they cancelled last Wed too. I still am not sure why this stuff wasn't delivered last Monday, but I was really happy to see C when he showed up. Really didn't have the time to unlad him, but hey a girl's gotta have fun right?? So yes, i unloaded the truck and that added 45 min to my day.

I went in and tried to have a good day. I've decided to make Fozzie Bear my inspiration. When things go wrong he bitches at kermit a while and then lets go. Regardless of the absolute chaos going on around him, he goes out and does his thing. He always has a big smile on. He knows Waldorf and Statler are going to be negative whether his act is good or bad, but doesn't let it bother him, just goes out and does his best.

So I have been wearing glasses for less than a year. It took me a while just to get used to them at all - when I first got them they gave me a weird vertigo/seasickness. Currently they still bother me, in that if I'm wearing them, I can't see anything closer than 6-8 feet. So if I wear them driving, I can't read the dashboard. And at work I go from looking up, to looking at my screen and I'm either doing a backwards (what i call little house on the prairie look) sliding them down my nose and looking over them at the screen, putting them up in my haiir like a headband, putting them down on my cart. In the summer I had been sliding them on the neck of my shirt- but this doesn't work as well in a tutrle neck. So they weren't scratched so much as nicked from falling off the cart/my head and hitting the concrete floor.

Today, I guess the inevitable happened and some time between 10:30 and 2:30 a lens popped out I don't know where and is gone. I had 8 people walking up and down the aisles. looking in my clothes and hair- everywhere. couldn't find it. So I went back to the eyeplace. They wanted $110+tx for 1 lens. Now really this would mean 1 clear lens, 1 nicked lens. So why did I pay for insurance? Well if I lost the glasses it would be 50% of the 2 lenses + 50% of frame. So if I say I lost them for another 40-50 bucks I get a new pair? What if I say I lost them, and want to use an old frame?? (like we all have a sanford & son style drawer of glasses) They said the insurance requires new frames. Which is bull, because curt lost his a month before he could get an exam and new pair so he used an old pair and paid 1/2 for the lenses - but he goes to a different dr.

I was mad, and since we switched vision plans on Jan 1, I could get an exam and fix the whole near/far thing. So I went to lenscrafters tonite. Had an exam. paid the 56 for those 2 tests the insurance doesn't pay for. Got new frames, with the coatings and the scotchguard and the invisible lines for the bi-focals $480 for $72. ie - less than $110. $128 with the extra 2 tests. The only problem is I like the glasses w/o the metal on the bottom part of the frame. So they won't be readyy in an hour, they'll be ready on the 19th! great! sigh. Be the bear. Good thing I still have my binoculars. seriously. that's why I went for glasses to begin with. I was using them more and more.

Now if that wasn't bad enough, they did some tests the last eye dr. didn't. They took a picture of the back of my eye. One of the holes for my optic nerve is noticeably bigger than the other. I could see it. Everything else is fine.But she wants more tests done because it could be an early warning for glaucoma. Are you frickin kidding me? I'm only 42! She also said it could cause headaches on the left side - that's where I get my migraines! So I have to call my regular dr for a referal to a different place to get more tests and a baseline for the possible future issues. Sigh. i swear whenever I see a dr for one thing, the by the way part just kills me. be the bear. be the bear. be the bear.


  1. Hopefully, the optic nerve thing turns out to be nothing. I have crazy looking optic nerves too--it's not something that would be caught in most normal exams, but mine was found during a precommissioning physical to determine if I had the eyesight to fly (I don't; the optic nerve defects resulted in some pinpoint blind spots). I hope yours is just as minor!

  2. okay I was going to make an appt and get new glasses this month, its been probably 8 or 9 years, I don't have insurance and your story just scared the beejeezus out of me and my checkbook. Maybe I will wait till february hnnnnnn Be the bear, be the bear!

  3. I have the same issues with glasses. I always put them up on top of my head, and if I wear a braid they get stuck. Really embarrassing trying nonchalantly to figure out how to undo the nose guards from loops of hair I can't see on top of my head. I will keep you in my prayers. Hopefully it is nothing serious, easily treated, and cure your migraines.


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