Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Creepy Cute Crochet!


Meet the Vampyre Queen!  My latest evil minion!   You have no idea how hard her hair was to do!!
Here she is before assembly:

I am FINALLY ready to felt my Autumn ( the name of the mystery bag I was making) YAY!  I made a whole bunch of changes near the end, but of course I am prone to that.  I added a side cell/glasses pocket, 2 other interior pockets on the long side, and decided I didn't like the way the Eco-alpaca scarf bunched up in the "belt" loops.  A few other knitters posted on the Rav group that they had made a second i-cord braid to go through the loops.  I liked the way that looked a lot better.  SO last night I whipped out three i-cords and braided them.  I guess the scarf will be a scarf! LOL

The back & outer pocket of the bag (yes only I post the back first)

The front of the bag.

Really bad picture of the interior pockets!

So now it's off to the washing machine for felting!  I can't wait to see how it comes out!  I've done a lot of felting, but it is an inexact science to be sure, so even though I think I know how it will come out, only the washer knows for sure!  Pic's of the finished bag in a few days!!


  1. Nice! I love the leaves! Can't wait to see it felted. :)

  2. Love the items you have up today, the braided cord makes the bag, just love it!!


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