Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swap Goodies

I signed up for a few swaps recently.  One is in the Chase for the Championship group for knitting NASCAR fans on Ravelry.  Wendy (who has also become my race day chat friend) sent me this amazing swap package.

from Wendy!
Isn't that the greatest water bottle ever?!  And the softest blue sky alpacas yarn, and chocolate - yum! and isn't that tape measure the cutest?  Now the spindle, roving and I are kind of staring at each other  suspiciously.  I always said I had no interest of learning to spin.  Wendy has recently brought up an interesting possibility though.  It may intrigue me enough to want to learn.....  slurp.

I'm in another group on Ravelry - 12 dancing dishcloths - each month all the members send one member a cloth.  So by the end of the 12 months, you've sent 11 and received 11 cloths.  This month, coincidentally my birthday?, I get the cloths sent to me.  

Grace hand delivered this package when we met for lunch last week
Dancing Dishcloth from Grace

Andrea sent this one with hand made sandalwood soap
dd from andrea

KT from Vancouver sent this one. I wish you could feel it, it so soft and has a shine that most cotton yarns don't have.
from KT IN Vancouver - DD

Bonnie sent this one - matches my bathroom!
DD from bonnie


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