Sunday, November 15, 2009


The BIG Powderpuff Game between the Juniors and Seniors was held today at the High School.  Last year, the juniors pulled off a huge upset and beat the seniors (first time since the game has been played) So this year there was a lot of pressure on them as seniors to win.  Angie was pretty confident after 2 weeks of practice.

The Angie

Seniors are wearing red, juniors are in white.

Sr's in red

Angie was 18 on offense.  Here watching the defense.

offense watches the defense

Ugly cheerleaders

cheer leaders?



going for 1st down

 In the end, the seniors won 20 - 0.  Go class of 2010!!

seniors win!


  1. How great is this. Looks like it was fun and congrats to the Seniors. Great photos :)

  2. So glad class of 2010 are repeaters!!! Way to go!


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