Monday, November 2, 2009


Sunday, we went to Stitches, specifically the Stitches Marketplace. Vicki and Renee were running late, so Min, Rachel and I went through the Marketplace.  We did bump into Vicki and Renee twice, but it was mostly just us three.  Remember yesterday when I said I didn't take any pictures because of the weather and I would take them on Sunday?  Well there were no photo's allowed at Stitches except for the Big Sock Booth.  So here are Min and Rachel outside of Stitiches:
Min and Rachel

Min and I outside of Stitches:
Min and I

A bizarre sign - which was repeated inside , and they sold t-shirts!

knitting Kangaroo Crossing?

The big sock was there, and as Rachel was not with us at Rhinebeck she needed to knit on the Big Sock.  Min and I then found out the buttons they gave you for knitting on it were slightly different - the Rhinebeck buttons said  Rhinebeck on them, the Stitches East said Stitches East.  So we jumped in and knitted another section.

Min and Rachel

Renee wasn't at Rhinebeck either so we bumped into Vicki and Renee at the booth also

Renee & Vicki

The best thing about hitting the marketplace on Sunday - especially later in the afternoon - was that the vendors were marking down their stock because they didn't want to pack it up and transport it back home.  So we did find some bargains.  Pictures of m y Rhinebeck and Stitches/WEBS/LYS purchase will be another post. later. 

I later told Curt, that overall I enjoyed Rhinebeck a lot more than my trip to CT.  Rhinebeck had a lot more indie spinners/dyers, yarn you don't find in brick and mortar LYS's ( I like to touch my yarn before purchase, my online purchases are ususally limited to yarn I am familiar with) there was a much bigger variety of food- from fair food and treats, to all the lamb dishes, to the wine and cheese building (and an hour wait for chicken pot pie?)  There were all the pre-yarn on 4 legs ( llamas and alpacas and rabbits and yes - sheep) Stitches was a lot more commercial yarn, but a lot of it.  No cool food - huge lines  for standard convention center food - we brought peanut butter sammies.  I guess if you take classes.... but I have never taken a class.  Mostly, I taught myself from books and magazines with limited internet video help.  Curt thinks at some point I should take a class just to see what a class is like and stretch my horizons a bit, after all I am only going to figure out on my own stuff that is already in my head.  

I definitely want to go back to Rhinebeck next year.  I can see going to RHinebeck every year.  Stitches I can see as an every few years event for me.


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  1. You are so lucky to be so close to these events. Being in Florida, I seem to travel North when the events aren't going on. I'm excited for you.


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