Friday, November 13, 2009

Philly Weekend

This past weekend, we shot up to take a campus tour of UCONN in Connecticut ( no pic's - picture big campus - dairy farm across the street)  then went down to Philly to see Temple and Drexel. Yes, during the transit strike - but as someone used to NYC, honestly bad day in Philly beats good day in NYC.  I mean traffic was moving at 15mph on 76 through the city.  Key word moving, not stop, stop, stop, go three feet, stop, stop, stop, go 2 feet like in Manhattan.  While we were there Angie wanted to see Body Worlds 2 and the Brain at the Franklin Institute.  These are actual bodies preserved by Plastination in different poses.  You see the muscles, the nerves etc. etc.  It is fascinating and just a tad creepy.  There are slices of organs ( can't imagine lighting up a cigarette after that exhibition - may need to bring a few friends down there - ) showing smokers vs non smokers - and not just their lungs.   Angie found it giggly that the male "organs" were still attached, but she is a teenager.  No photos were allowed, but if you get the chance to go to see this, I would highly recommend it.

Angie also HAD to have a Philly cheesesteak from either Pat's or Gino's because they both claim to have originated the Philly cheese steak.  We walked ( damn gps)  the serious long way up the main road that goes along 76, then cut over on 10th, walked through China town, kept going a while, went up to 9th walked some more, went through what appeared to be their little italy ( great market through that section of 9th - I bought chocolate covered strawberries, and fresh made torrone in one of the stores)  walked some more and 45 minutes later found the intersection with the 2 places. ( We did not use the gps on the way back and while walking slower, got back in 20 minutes! damn gps - why I don't have one)  We ended up at Pat's because you could get provolone and Gino's only does cheese whiz (yuck)  The line at both places wrapped around the buildings.



  1. Geno's: Home of the big-ass English-only debate. The reason why most of my friends refuse to go there any more.

    And next time you need directions in Philly, CALL ME!!!!,2933,198757,00.html

  2. you never mentioned cheesesteak yesterday I love Cheese steak and I don't mind cheez whiz either!!


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