Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Birthday

After my post regarding birthday cake, my friend ThomAT Thom's Place  sent me a birthday cake all the way from Hawaii!  Well this cake anyway:

Curt actually felt bad and brought home a german chocolate cake - yummy - on Monday.  Am I spoiled or what?

Speaking of spoiled - I went to lunch with my friend Grace from Lovingcomfortsknits  

from grace

A stuffed kitty - that I seriously was jealous of when she made some others last summer, panda wool , soysilk, a row counting bracelet - that neither of us could figure out, and Angie picked it up and figured it out in about 30 seconds! - and the cutest little teapot!  and a scarf that I actually watched  her knit a while back while we were having coffee/tea!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!  Go Raiders ( gotta root for whomever is playing Dallas.)


  1. LOL...I'm glad you liked the cake but the German Chocolate cake sounds much better. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  2. Oh I agree Go Raiders!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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