Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blue Striped Egg Pattern

all 3 eggs

As I mentioned in my "recipe"/pattern for the Red Easter Egg, these are just recipes that can easily adjusted.  Any one of these eggs can be done striped by changing yarns between rounds, this could be solid.  You could use a variegated yarn ( several of my initial eggs were made with variegated yarns) But for the purposes of writing down these patterns this egg is the one that is striped.  Beginning with round 3, all stitches are crocheted through the back loop)

scraps of 'n creme type kitchen cotton
G/6 - 4.25 mm hook
plastic Easter Egg

round 1 - ch5, sl into 1st ch to create a loop
round 2 - ch2, 11 DC around loop, sl to top of chain to create round, pull tight 
               cut yarn
round 3 - slip a loop through the back loop (a few loops before the cut yarn tail 
              so you can cover tail and not have to weave later) ch1, [2SC, 2SC in
              same st]3x, 2SC, SC in base of ch1, sl to join
round 4 - ch1, SC each st, sl to join, pull tight, cut yarn
round 5 - attach new yarn as in round 3, ch1, [2SC, 2SC in same st]5x, sl to 
round 6 - ch1, SC each st, sl to join, pull tight, cut yarn
round 7 - attach new yarn, ch1, [2SC, 2SC in same stitch] to end, sl to join
round 8 - ch1, SC each st, sl to join, pull tight, cut yarn
round 9 - insert egg (pointy end first), attach new yarn, ch1, [SC, SC2tog]8x
              sc, sl to join
round 10 - ch1, SC2tog across, sl to join, cut yarn, weave through loops, pull
              tight to close, weave end

round 2
round 2

connecting next color
attach new color

round 5
round 5

round 6
round 6

round 8
round 8

round 9
round 9


ch- chain
sl- slip stitch
DC- double crochet
SC- single crochet
DC2tog- double crochet 2 together
SC2tog- single crochet 2 together


  1. Thanks, Ria! Have you added all these to Ravelry?? :)

  2. I like this one as well. Blue is my favorite color :)


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