Saturday, March 27, 2010

Outstanding Senior?

Warning: proud mommy post.  If you don't want to listen to me brag about my kid, you may want to skip this post!

Angie's fencing banquet was Wednesday night.  The above picture is head coach Barb, Angie and girl's coach Lauren.  In order for my retelling to make sense I must explain the banquet layout.  There was, obviously, the podium up front.  In front of the podium was a round table for coaches and the athletic director.  I was sitting almost directly behind him.  There were a large number of round tables to accommodate parents, friends and family.  Along one wall was a LONG rectangular table that made an L at the back end of the room to accommodate all the fencers.  The seniors and captains were supposed to sit up at the front of the table ( where the balloons and stuff were).  There was a screen on the back wall, where a slide show of pictures and video clips from the season were being played.  The seniors made the freshmen switch with them so they could see the screen better.  ( why no pictures you ask?  because I forgot to check my batteries and the above pic is the only one I got all night.)  So anyway, since the seniors get the majority of the awards they had to navigate the maize of tables to receive them.

Angie got her varsity bar ( first award is the letters, then a pin - a mask with crossed swords, then a bar to put under the pin)  Then she is called up to get her captains pin,  Then she is called up because she made all-conference.  Then she is called up because she made the all- conference all-academic team ( kids who made all conference AND had a GPA of 3.5 or higher) Then she got girl's team mvp (not usually given to a captain because they are supposed to do more anyway, not usually to the high scorer either - but she got it because of how she made sure the girls team ran  and how much time she spent developing the freshmen and sophomores, not just on her squad but in all the weapons)  Both the girl's and boy's team won the conference good sportsmanship awards , so she went up to accept that for the girl's team.  And then she won the outstanding senior award.  After receiving that she looked at the coach and said can I go all the way back to my seat now?  Coach said yes we're done with awards.  Angie got almost back to her seat when the coach says, I'm sorry- I am calling the captains up next!  So back up she goes for the old captain/new captain handoff.  It was actually getting funny how many times she went up front.

At the end of the program was listed coach's gifts and booster club announcements.  but none of the kids got up to do the gifts so the booster pres gets up to make the announcements.  Still no movement by the kids, so he calls up Tom -the boys captain (who also made all-academic).  Tom takes the mic, says I have no idea why I'm up here, so I'm going to call Angelique F****** to the podium.  Everyone starts laughing because they think he's joking about how many times she went up.  Then he says - seriously I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing up here.  The ATHLETIC DIRECTOR gets up with his copy of the program goes up to the podium and points at the line that says coach's gifts.  Tom says oooooooohhhhhhhh. calls Angie, she says ooooooohhhhhhh and gets up with the bags.  I tell the athletic director - there's your all academic team... maybe you should recheck the numbers. 

It was a great night and Angie came home with a big smile on her face, and promptly went to bed because she had a track scrimmage the next day. ( In which she got a new pr in discus)

Proud mommy speech over.


  1. You're certainly allowed a proud mommy post! Congrats Angie!

  2. wonderful post wonderful parents wonderful child!!!

  3. Way to go Angie!! Many congratulations.

  4. This is great and I know you are so proud and happy! Congrats to Angie!


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