Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White Easter Egg Pattern

 all 3 eggs

Here is the white Easter Egg Pattern. Again, I am not a crocheter and I taught myself out of magazines so if you have any questions let me know.  After round 2 all stitches are done through the back loop only.  This creates the little ridge between rounds.  I like these ridges.  If you do not want the ridges crochet through both loops.

Scrap 'n Creme type cotton kitchen yarn
size G/6 - 4.25mm hook
plastic Easter Eggs 

round 1 - ch 5, sl into 1st ch to create a loop
round 2 - ch2, 11DC around the loop, sl to top of ch to join round
round 3 - ch2, [2DC, 2DC in same st]3x, 3DC, sl to top of chain to join round
round 4 - ch1, [SC2x, 2SC in same st]6x, sl to connect
round 5 - ch3, skip 1 st [DC, ch1, skip 1 st] across, slip in 2nd loop of chain 3 to 
round 6 - ch1, SC in each st, insert egg
round 7 - ch2, [2DC, DC2tog] 4x, DC slip to ch to join round
round 8 - ch1, SC2tog around, use tail to weave through and pull closed.

step 3
Step 3

step 4
 Step 4

step 5
Step 5

step 6
Step 6

step 6

step 7
Step 7



ch - chain
sl - slip stitch
DC - double crochet
SC - single crochet
DC2tog - double crochet  2 stitches together
SC2tog - single crochet 2 stitches together

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  1. Wow...you are talented. Those are awesome :)


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