Saturday, September 18, 2010

Answer, Owls, Comedy

For those who read my post yesterday here is the answer (at least part 1) of what I'm doing with all those peppers:


2 different recipes of jalapeno pepper jelly and 2 of hot pepper jelly ( has some habeneros and jamaican gold peppers as well as jalapenos)  There are other peppers slated for home made hot sauce (haven't done that in YEARS, so we shall see.)

The Temple Owls beat UConn's Huskies today 30-16.  Angie went to the game (she's actually been to all three home games)  It was an important game for her, as UConn, made a serious attempt to get her to enroll there, but she chose Temple.  She is a real fan of their new coach Al Golden (I think his 2nd year?) Obviously the decision was not a sports based one (although Temple's fencing coaches have a great reputation, and UConn only has club fencing against local schools) but winning never hurts!

Your Inner Muse is Thalia

You are most like this playful muse of comedy.

Life is all about laughter to you, and you're a natural comic.

You make people laugh until their sides split.

And you're always up for some play time!



  1. Well Thalia...I never knew you could make jelly with those. How interesting. Okay and here's the dumb you use it on sandwiches or is it more like salsa? I would have never guessed. WOOT!!! Congrats to Temple. We lost...pffft. Oh well...there's always next week. The race for the chase starts anew tomorrow :) WOOT!!!!!!

  2. My fav way to eat it is with cream cheese on a bagel. Also makes awesome dip mixed into a cour cream/cream cheese mix. Also great on grilled chicken...


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