Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project Me (3) a bit late~

I've had a horrible week, I really think the entire universe is out to kill me!  Included in this is most of my family, a lot of my friends, people that I thought I jammed in the skeleton closet years ago, work, NCAA football, NFL (Ok mostly the niners) and definitely Tony and Darian(grrrr).

It rained, several days so I didn't walk.  And then I didn't walk when it stopped.  I did buy a battery for my scale. Of course it's still on the Home Depot bag.  I barely read at all.  I did make a lot of pepper jam (yum)  and in honor of finishing the annotated Alice in Wonderland (including all the notes):


Color is actually a much brighter blue.  But the name of the polish is :
Alice in Wonderland!! 


  1. Poor thing. I think we all go through that. It's hell. But it does get better. I bust out at the polish name but its cute. Keep smilin'

  2. I really truly understand about the world being out to get us!!! I was sick for 3 months, on the injured list for another 3 months and now a car accident that is going to cost us $$$$, the estimate is 5000, in damages. Now to find an auto body we trust. I have rental but I am not sure I am going to use it, I will wait and see--they said at claim center that it will take about a month to fix all of the damage. Gheez Louise!!! I would love to meet up with you next week and have lunch, there are several places we can go, we could even knit too!!! Thanks for thinking of that!!!!

  3. Your toes are so cute! Every baby step of a project needs to be celebrated. Congrats on finishing "Alice..." and on making your jam!

  4. wow, what a long sad list, I hope the next week gets better. You do have pretty feet♥


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