Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clue 1 is tomorrow!


The colors came out awful.  The top right is a bit purplier (without being purple) The bottom right is a deep dark blackberry purple.  The center bottom is more of a golden/camel tan, the top center is a dark chocolate.  The bottom is more of a darker sage, and the top left is a much lighter shade of the same green.  Hopefully as the project progresses I will get some daytime pictures.  I still need to make sure I have the right needles (don't know why I didn't check that before... aw geez, may have to hit an LYS... geez...)  

This is another she-knits KAL  for Kimmy, a slip stitch color work messenger shaped bag.  I love Sharon Dreiffus's bags ( I usually don't do mystery KAL because it can turn out to be a lot of work for a disappointing finished object.  But Sharon hasn't let me down yet!)  It is supposed to be all bulky weight yarn, which will be felted when done.  I didn't want to spend the $65 on Sharon's kit this time ( all the dorm shopping has made a dent in my wallet) so I went with knit picks instead.  I couldn't get the light green or purple I want in their bulky, but I have in previous felted projects, mixed 2 strands of their worsted with their bulky and it felted to an even fabric, so I went that route.

She has another simultaneous KAL going on for Sammy, a bag with I think it sounds like organizer pockets.  I bought both patterns together (cheaper that way)  but, haven't bought yarn for Sammy yet.  I want a variegated dark blue yarn.  It uses 3 skeins variegated/heathered/nonsolid bulky yarn, 2 of a solid mathcing bulky and 1 of another solid.  I want a REALLY deep blue bag.  I am leaning toward Aruncania, but that seems like a waste to felt! I MAY  do a swatch with some leftover Aruncania and some leftover knit picks bulky. and felt it.  If it felts together well, I may get 3 skeins of A from Webs, and the other 3 from Knit picks.

Until tomorrow - Happy Knitting! 


  1. Can;t wait to see it, love love love the colors, I am going to start a vest for my baby girl, and I have been knitting lots of gnomes.

  2. this sounds great. I love Sharon's bags too! I don't know why I haven't made one yet. I miss her podcast


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