Monday, September 27, 2010

Project Me (4)

Not a huge update this week.  I finally finished Through the Looking Glass, and the first book of a new(ish) series by Nora Roberts - Vision in White.  I returned them to the library this afternoon.  The library was out of book 2, so I picked up 2 more books from the 1001 list.  I got Atonement by Ian McEwan and  Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence. 

Some knitting updates will be up tomorrow ( I am also working on 2 projects for swaps so those pictures won't be up until my partners receive them)   

Since I posted late last week, not a whole lot is new.  I was really tired, between staying up for Monday Night Football, and being up late on WEd getting Angie's fencing gear together, getting back from Philly after my bedtime...  folks, I'm definitely not 40 anymore!! My friends, who are much better able to go to bed when they need to , weren't very sympathetic .  I put the battery in the scale yesterday.  I'm thinking of getting my "annual" hair cut.  It's not annual on purpose.  I put of getting a trim and then warm weather came - and I won't cut it at that point because I NEED to be able to put it in a quick bun or pony tail.

This week I have been trying to extricate myself from several "drama" situations, involving friends or family.  They all hit at once, and seriously folks, I love , well some of you, tolerate the rest, these situations are not of my making nor am I directly involved.  If you insist on my opinion, most of you are not going to be happy with what you hear. If you want me to take sides, please understand that I will categorically pick whomever did not insist on this.  I am not going to be your messenger.  Hire a damn courier.  You are all being ridiculous and you know it.  I am not going to get stressed out or annoyed because of it.

We needed a quiz to tell us this??? Pffft.

You Are Odd

You are an odd duck - you don't do anything the conventional way.

You see life as an adventure, and you always take the less traveled path.

You love opportunities, but you run from responsibilities. You live for today.

You may want to strike more of a balance in your life. You could stand to be more even!



  1. Congrats on finishing another book from your list. A hair cut is a perfect project-me activity too.

  2. I like your take on the family drama. I refuse to play the way people want, too.

  3. Drama? I'm am currently blissfully unaware of drama going on around me. I'm just floating along through life. (Don't I wish! I so feel your pain and like your attitude!)


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