Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before their baths (Kimmy/Samantha spoilers)

Tomorrow I am planning on felting my Samantha and Kimmy bags.  I followed the lead of several people in the KAL group and used the leftover yarn from Kimmy to make a dumpling bag.  I ended up having about 3 yards of the light brown left.  Talk about close.

So here's the dumpling before:

Kimmy all ready for her bath:


And Samantha before felting - the sun was at a weird sideways angle - this picture sucks but is actually the best shot of the pockets:


I didn't do the handle the way the pattern called for,  I didn't like the way it came out in other people's pictures.  So I made a braid - but didn't create a loop to attach it, but had each cord in the braid attach to the bag evenly on the ends:


Hopefully I will have the after pictures later in the week.

I just finished the last square for my VJAC afghan - now I have to seam it together .... ughhh...


  1. I might as well be reading a foreign language LOL But they sure are purty!!!! OMG what's up with me and hillbilly talk...pffft...Oh I know...long day at work LOL

  2. Beautiful knitting. Looking forward to the felted version.


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