Sunday, October 3, 2010


Been awhile since I mentioned my garden (it was really rainy, and an odd garden year.  Great for peppers not so good for tomatoes and eggplant should have been ripe a month ago!)

SO here are the exotic eggplant I picked this morning, the gold are Kermits and the red are Tiogas



I also picked some more poblanos


I have some heirlooms that aren't ripe yet. I hope they turn red, but if not can you say fried green tomatoes?


  1. These are very nice. Hey how's that planter thing that you and Curtis built? You haven't talked about that or shown us pictures in like forever on that one :)

  2. Love the eggplants. I did not know about red eggplants! Wow I need to find them and try next year. I think this weekend I was on you tube and someone made chicken soup with green tomatoes. I think I typed in how to cook chicken stock or chicken soup. Your pepper look great too!


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