Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grace's Birthday & Spoiler Alert.

If you are doing the she-knit's mystery knit for Kimmy or Samantha - and you do not want a Kimmy Spoiler, do not scroll down any further.  There is a picture of Kimmy after clue 3!

That being said, a little bit late I have pictures from last Thursday.  Last thursday was my friend Grace's Birthday.  I picked her up and took her to lunch in Montville.  It had been literally months since we got together, since she was ill and hurt her knee. (two seperate reasons, sad, but true.  A few months ago she had a blog contest.  I don't even remember what it was.  But I was one of the winners and I won a great shawl. ( Grace makes the best shawls)  Also the last time we had gotten together I was all whiny because the store where I had been buying my favorite tea (yes I sometimes put the coffee cup down and have a tea) stopped carrying it.  So Grace, who buys the decaf (yuck) version of the tea, ordered me 2 boxes.  Grace has been making the cutest gnomes lately ( she goes on such fun knitting sprees, cats, bunnies with their heads on their butts - funny story-)  and she made me  a gnome!  

My gnome hanging out with Kermit - my eggplant plant.


My gnome,  tea and shawl.


Here's a peek at my bag - Kimmy-  after clue 3.  The final clue, involves interior pockets and attaching the strap and then felting.   But I need to catch up on the other bag - Samantha I am making.  Hopefully I will finish clue 3 on Sam before I need to drive Angie back to school tomorrow.  


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