Saturday, October 23, 2010


OTomorrow there will be pictures of the three bags I've been working on before felting. (Hoping to felt Mon or Tue)  I think I have figured out the football cowl I plan on making to utilize those adorable buttons I got.  This morning, our power went out for about 45 minutes.  THere was a very loud bang and then these two things that seemed to attach to the things that look like giant springs on the pole next to the transformers started swinging loose.  I think they waited longer for the cop to show up behind them so they could start working than it took to do the repair!  We did do a final harvest on about 90% of our plants on the deck and then cut them down and tossed them (wish I had a compost) We have a handful of green tomatoes I hope will grow a bit more before I fry them up.


And because it came out so yummy, a picture of lunch!



  1. OMG this looks just to delicious (except those damn eggs LOL) I know I've said this before but what a green thumb you have. I'm so impressed. Now before you go blowing (and I use the term loosely) your own horn I'm jealous!!! I would love to be able to grow my own stuff like that. Why don't I? Well good question...I'm to damn lazy and to damn mean!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  2. I agree with Thom about the eggs, they are okay but not something I crave. We gave up on the tomato plant, I still could use your help on the size question on Ravelry. By the way Thursday is good for me if it works for you!


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