Friday, October 22, 2010

Swap Goodies!!

I got a most awesome Swap Package from Vecere on Ravelry.  She totally figured me out!

There are candy pretzel molds shaped like racecars ( you know they'll all be red when I make them!) fall cookie cutters, some fall towels and a hand knit dishcloth because obviously between pretzel molding and cookie cutting there will be clean up, stitch markers, a cute tin (contents farther down), a hand made card, the only instant coffee I like - Starbucks darkroast VIA,  a super yummy coffee called Dancing Goats ( great tribute to the "discovery" of coffee) , three great skeins of yarn - 2 of Cascade 220 heathers in red and orange and one variegated blue of Knit Picks Stroll.  The absolute cutest pumpkin now gracing my entertainment center :


A great Good Karma mug! (perfect color for rooting for Tony, the 9ers, the Devils! woot)

Inside the little tin was two more great surprises! Stitch markers:

And the absolute cutest football buttons!


Am I not totally spoiled or what?!

This is a pic of my package to her.  Hoping she likes hers as much as I love mine!!


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