Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeling Domestic

i woke up this morning and for whatever reason was feeling domestic.  I made a batch of bacon cheddar scones for Curt and I for breakfast:


Then since the Angie went on a 4 day road trip with some friends, I made them a batch of chocolate chip scones to take with them:


Then I decided I was in the mood for roasted chicken and roasted potatoes/vegetables for dinner. So:



And lastly - because when I was making the scones I put an egg white in the buttermilk instead of the yolk, I experimented with a "healthy" cranberry white chocolate chip muffin.  I used the buttermilk and egg whites obviously. I used plain non fat yogurt, rolled oats, and ground flax.  I substituted 1/2 the sugar with some agave syrup. Oh and I couldn't resist adding some chopped pecans I had.

color kind of washed out here. 

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  1. Okay, now I'm hungry. Time to go make the mushroom sauce for the pork chops.


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