Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Angie's dorm re-opened to the students at 10am on Sunday.  Is it wrong that I had my f-i-l's truck packed by 645am??  At 715am we went to the bagel shop for one last north jersey  bagel with Taylor ham (soo not pork roll) for breakfast before heading to Philly.  We arrived, parking in front (woot!) at 10:01am.  We notice a dad with a handcart carrying 5 cases of Poland Spring water, joking there must be a drought in Philly.  It turns out it was the father of Maeve, Angies best friend at school, who with  the Angie goes through water like it's well water.  At 10:25 she told us we could go, and then decided to walk downstairs with us to the door. (nothing like getting the boot) We've gotten used to this, in pre-school while other kids would cry to try to keep their parents there - Angie would say "bye" turn on her heels and run over to her friends.


By 11, we were at Min's house (where my favorite cat Felix lives) We exchanged Christmas gifts and I gave her  birthday yarn - as her birthday is the day before the Angie's.  She brought me some bbq sauce from KC that I can't wait to try - but as a freezing rain is not exactly the ideal weather to smoke meat in , so I AM FORCED TO WAIT!!!   She gave me a bottle of hot that I told Curt I'm not sharing! He can share the other one.  She also brought me the coolest shirt of cow tipping!!


For the rest there is a bit of a backstory.  When I picked up Angie in December, I hung out with Min in the morning.  After breakfast at Redding Terminal, we stopped at Trader Joe's.  One of the items Min needed was peppermint Joe-Joe's to bring home to Missouri with her.  Apparently if she doesn't bring them she will be left at the airport until her return flight.  The Trader Joe's in Philly was sold out.  We looked and saw a box above the freezer case in a display on a sleigh.  I needed a stick.  I walked around a few minutes and found an empty chip clip. (warning to all that work retail , keep your chip clips full or someone like me will use them for ebil)  I was going to try to pull down the box of Joe Joe's from the display, hoping it wasn't attached to the rest of the boxes or the sleigh.  By the time I got back to the aisle, there were what seemed like a hundred customers flocking in the aisle, and an old woman who seemed content to park herself under the display.  I really was willing to risk pulling the display down (yes in my store I have pulled displays apart to sell the last item to a customer)  but to kill an old woman in the process, so I asked a person working if there were any actual cookies in the box.  he went to check and the answer was no, the box was empty, he suggested the front desk could see if other stores had any.  The ONLY store was in WIllmington Delaware, 45 minutes away on a good day, of course this meant it was snowing.  I left to get Angie and bring her home, Min went to rent a car.  I forgot all about the cookies, except Min had gotten me 2 boxes and a box of fudge covered ones!!  And let me tell you- if there is a Trader Joe's near you next Thanksgiving - get some they are worth the drive!!


The rest of the story Thursday.

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  1. I have to tell you, your KC BBQ sauce is the best. My former FiL went to KC every year and came home with a dozen bottles which the whole family managed to empty every Summer.


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