Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures, Prize Pictures

This is  a very overdue post.  I needed to take some pictures, but by the time I thought about it it was too dark, and the lamps cast an odd glow on colors.   First up, in the beginning part of December Thom and Quilly had a 12 days of Christmas contest on their blogs based on Christmas movie quotes.  I won a prize package from Thom:


There was an University of Hawaii Warriors t-shirt (promptly appropriated by the Angie)  dried green mangoes, honey roasted macadamia nuts, 2 keychains, a cool bottle with sand and shells in it, a memo pad, pack of cards and a refrigerator magnet clippy thing.


Then My friend Sarah at RainLover Knits, had a raffle to help her pay for her graduations costs so she could walk at the graduation ceremony.  I won two skeins of Yellow fingering yarn!!  The funny thing is I knew I won but not what I won.  Yesterday morning I said to a friend of mine that I needed to get some yellow fingering or sock yarn - and last night in the mail as if by magic!


Last but by no means last - I met up with Grace last week for breakfast, and we had a belated (I've been around knitters to long I almost wrote bleated) birthday breakfast.  Grace brought goodies!


A tea chest filled with tea - I gave one section back to her because I would never drink it.  She got me a book of 101 patterns that use a skein of sock yarn or less ( a much needed book - given my collection of sock yarn) and since I have been on a mini sock kick she got me a mini sock blocker keychain with pattern.  And finally the piece de resistance :


I was telling her that I wanted to knit the "Tappan Zee Vest" in red mercerized cotton.  She made it for me in Ella Rae superwash.  She tricked me by asking what size I was going to make to judge for a gift she was knitting.  She also included a heat shawl pin!  I wore it the rest of the day (changed into a black tank to show it off better when I got home)  

I am truly spoiled!!!


  1. WOOT some great pictures there. Angle looks so cute in that. Well she is anyways. Boy you made out like a bandit. Isn't it fun? Congrats and thanks for the shout out. :)

  2. Wow! It sounds like you made out like a bandit this Christmas! I love that vest. Are you sure you can't come here and teach me how to knit?

    Thanks for the thanks. I am glad you played because it means I got to meet you, so I "won", too!

  3. You are very fortunate. The vest Grace made is gorgeous. Angie looks adorable in the tee too.


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