Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!!

My baby turns 19 today!!!  Seriously I am not old enough for a 19 year old!!  I'm really proud (most of the time anyway) of the smart, assertive, wiseass, independent woman she has become.  To celebrate her birthday today we went to breakfast at Panera's .  Then she got a mani/pedi at Galaxy.  She got done with that faster than expected, so we wandered the mall a little while until it was time for her haircut, blowout & flat ironing.  (should I mention that it was 8 degrees and she was wearing a light cotton romper - the kind you would wear after a day at the beach- with tights, flip flops and her pea coat??) Afterwards her friends from French class came to wisk her away to some French Cafe in New York State where they were meeting with their old French teacher and meeting her fiance.


  1. happy birthday Angie, I remember when you were only 16 1/2!

  2. Happy birthday to your big little girl! Sounds like she had a dream day!


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