Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm NOT taking it down!!


Certain people are blaming my snow people in the front door for our recent weather.  To them I say Pffft!  I'm NOT taking it down!  If anything it is countering my carbon footprint and global warming!


Meet Karen's Li'l Devil.  Backstory- I met Karen a few years ago on Ravelry.  She was in several of my groups and co-ordinated the most fun swaps.  She did a lot of work organizing the swaps, but never participated.  She lives in Central Jersey, and posted an open invitation to her Library Loopers holiday party in one of the groups.  It was 45 minutes from my house, so figuring it would be fun to finally meet her- I told her I'd come as long as there wasn't snow or ice.  Naturally that meant there was snow AND ice.  Monday was the re-scheduled date.  I thought it would be fun to create a swap package for her- as thanks.  Thus the devil.


Don's scarf - I work with a great guy named Don - Donald when he isn't listening to me.  Don shares his birthday with Angie ( albeit 48 years earlier).  He had mentioned that I never knit anything for him. I pointed out that I don't knit things for anyone at work.  He implied that he should be an exception.  So after searching for a bulky yarn (yes I wanted a quick project) that would match the Giant's blue of his jacket.  I didn't have time to drive to a decent LYS, and I didn't want to mail order, so I settled for a grey tweedy yarn.  I cast on at Min's house the day after his birthday, and finished the scarf last weekend.  It was a simple pattern. Knit one row, knit1 purl 1 next row. Repeat.  Today was the first day we worked together so I gave it to him and he loved it.

I also have two additional creepy cutes finished and mailed off for a swap.  The theme is "Forbidden  Love" I can't show you until after the opening date of Feb 7th.

I'm trying not to cast on anything new until Feb 1.  I did cast on a mini sock, figuring I can finish by then.  I am taking part in a knitting challenge, NERDWARS, on Ravelry.  I'm on Team Bazinga - fans of The Big Bang Theory. I'm sure you'll be hearing more next month.

I've been having chocolate cravings all day. So currently there is caramel brownies in the oven.... waiting...


  1. the devil and the scarf are great, I love that scarf pattern especially for the guys!!!

    My question is Did the tree come down yet?

    And carmel chocolate brownies, I remember a time I would have killed for them!

  2. This weekend I swear!! Curt didn't get the totes and stuff from storage until last Sunday afternoon - and football was on!!


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