Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday
Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Welcome to “Sensational Haiku Wednesday!”

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The basics:
Haiku is simple! It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively (a great way to use your fingers!)

This week’s theme is: Deception


Smile for the cam-ra

Laugh and act like you don't care,

Cannot hide the pain.



Radio blasting

Scared of silence forcing me,

listen to my thoughts.


I can lie to you,

deceiving myself cannot

go on forever.



I realized today

leaving flooring will be hard.

losing part of me. 



  1. Deceiving yourself is the worst of all, I think. Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Many people can deceive themselves better than they deceive others!

    Are these real stresses? Do you need prayer?

  3. Your haikus are so sad....tough to read! Hope things get better :)


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