Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last Weekend- as promised - though late

We went to lunch on Sunday with Min at Reading Terminal.  A whole section of Amish shops were closed - bummer it included a great bakery.   I had put one place in Curt's head however.  Beck's Cajun Cafe.  OMG! Janbalaya, Muffalettas, Etouffes, Alligator Gumbo (my choice), PO Boys, Catfish (they were out of Catfish - what Curt wanted, but it didn't take much for him to decide on Red Beans& Rice - although the Chicken/Andouille gumbo tempted him as well.  Min, doesn't eat pig, so she had less choices ( I hadn't thought of how much would be flavored with pig) She tried a few things and settled on Fried Mac n Cheese balls with some sort of a tomato based sauce on top, and their fries which were cut more like potato chunks and cooked with peppers and onions.  I had a few - they were wonderful - although I was rather stuffed with my gator (I have a weird phobia of alligators and crocs - and I deal with it by eating as many of them before they someday get me) They allow you to sample anything before you make your choices.  Poor Curt almost got lost in the sample shuffle.  Then once going through all this, I also got a Shrimp and Crawfish Salad (seriously - died and went to heaven) to take home for lunch on Monday,  we all also got their bread pudding with sauce to take back for later.

After we ate, we browsed through the rest of the Market and bought cookies.  Curt and Min had I think snickerdoodle,  I had white chocolate macadamia.  At that point I spotted the coffee stand, and in my defense I hadn't had coffee since 1030 - over 3 hours!!  Apparently, I went into what Curt calls my caffeine daze and drifted over.  They didn't want any ( I know!!) But I had a wonderful macchiatto - not the over milked Starbucks version.

At one point my brain did awaken before the coffee enough to realize I hadn't gotten our parking ticket stamped.  We went back over to Beck's to see if they remembered us.  With a chuckle they did remember us. (Yes I make a spectacle wherever I go) 

We then headed to Ikea, to try to help Min with some kitchen reorganization.  I think Min discovered Curt's dread of my fascination with gadgets!!  (I did control myself- needed to measure)  We got some things for her - and she bought me a salad spinner to dry my handknits in.  And headed on to Target.  Target was quick and then we attacked the super market- which actually had genuine Taylor Ham!!  I sent Angie a picture and now she has some hope for next year when she will hopefully be in an apartment in the same building she has her suite in now.  Of course the bagels I can't help her with.

Going back to Min's house, I sat and knit while she put stuff away and Curt installed a spice rack.  (Yeah - kinda useless - I was moral support!!)  After they finished- no thanks to me - we heated up (ok Min heated up - I continued being useless) the bread pudding.  We finally left at 10pm!  got home shortly after midnite ( I sort of drifted in and out on the ride home) Which made Monday a tad rough, but it was carpet day so I had my smile!!


  1. IKEA is a very fun place to browse. They have so much cool stuff.

  2. This post made me way hungry. Now I want to go to Hush Puppies in Vegas and order the alligator plate!

    Would you believe I have never been to an IKEA?


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