Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2 Time Traveling Scottish Highlander Books

Because really, who can resist a Highland warrior? Both books are by Janet Chapman - who wrote the Spellbound Falls series I'm working on also reading.  These are actually each the first in their own series as well (what a hole I'm digging myself) 

The first is Charming the Highlander, where we meet Greylen MacKeage and his brothers, as well as his enemy Michael MacBain who were brought through time by the old wizard Da'ar in a storm, because Greylen is supposed to father his heir with a woman from the 21st century.  With Da'ar's help and coaching, they learn modern language, ways, customs and how to survive in this world.  The four Mackeage brothers buy Tar Stone mountain and are building a ski lodge.  Greylen meets Grace when they are taking the same little plane to TarStone, Grace bringing her late sister's baby to meet his father MacBain, and the plane crashes killing the pilot leaving the two and the baby to try to survive an ice storm. 


I'm not going to spoil the book, but it's a little annoying that in the Spellbound Falls and the  Midnight Bay series this event should have happened about 30-35 years prior. Yet in this book, Grace has a laptop, a portable satellite link for it, and cell phones.  Definitely not 1980 technology.  I know literary license and all that, but it annoys me.

The other book, the Midnight Bay Series, Moonlight Warrior, has Eve Anderson butting heads with Kenzie Gregor.  Eve is only months past her divorce in which her husband left her for another woman, and took all their assets with him (after not paying the mortgage on their house for 4 months)  her step father died, her mother's business is struggling, her mother has a slowly debilitating brain disease, her mothers brother in law sold the farm and house out from under them. Basically she has her hands full. Kenzie has been traveling through time trying to become a man again - most recently he was a black panther, after his brother turned him into an animal  to save him after he was mortally wounded on the battle field. Kenzie has discovered his true calling as a "soul warrior" to help other lost souls. His current soul is William, an annoying 9th century Irishman who a witch turned into a dragon and whose hard head Kenzie can't get his message through.

SO Eve doesn't want to be saved by a big strong hero who will up and leave her, Kenzie doesn't want to give in to his attraction to Eve fearing it will place her in danger from the evil that wants to stop his mission... any guesses how this ends?   

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