Thursday, September 17, 2015

Knitting News..

I attached the two sleeves of my Sleeves shrug, and started on the back.  I started my scoreboard KAL, I'm hoping the whole cowl looks like this:


One of the groups I belong to on Ravelry, it's a team group connected to Nerdopolis and Nerdwars, Bazinga (based on the Big Bang Theory- tv show not physics) had a pattern swap for the off month (the tournaments run three months, then there's a break and team sign ups, then the new tournament - like sports off season with all the trades etc) Pattern swaps can be fun - no mailing, no postage, you get one or two partners, there is a total spend limit of $20 for both together, you get your partners and the links to their pattern wishlists and pick one (I send 2 if they are small/cheap) .  The thank you thread can be dangerous - people post the pattern's picture with their thank you, and not just my queue grows.  I got three really great patterns this time around.  I've been looking at sweater patterns (totally Grace's fault.. LOL --- I'm not mad at you Grace!) and I was gifted this one:

Then I had been looking at knitted taxidermy and totally fell in love with Christmas Moose!!