Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last week, we made a quick run in and out of Philly.  I got out of work at 11pm the night before, we left the house at 530, got to the Angie at almost 8, had to run her to Home Depot, run back to her house, help her fix some stuff, then we had just enough time for a quick breakfast, before we had to be in north Jersey at my mom's house, in the afternoon and had to be back home by 4.  Deep breath.  We had a really nice brunch with the Angie at Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen in Fishtown.  Curt got red beans and rice with andouille sausage, (no picture sorry) I got their red flannel hash (diced sweet potatoes, beets, poblanos, onions & apples, I had my eggs over light and andouille) the Angie and I split A biscuit - yes just one that came with butter and homemade jam. 

 The Angie had a pound of wings (her dad had to help with that) that came with fried brussel sprouts and apricot horseradish sauce.  OMG everything was soooo good, it was almost worth how exhausted I was at work the next day! 

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