Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm pretty sure today is Thursday..

Check out today's Google Doodle, it's for gameday - and today is the start of the NFL season and the corresponding rise in my stress levels.

Here's the only update on knitting I have.  I have gotten some work done on Sleeves.  I added 2 rows to the green section and then did the right neck/lapel in green, I did half the black and white section and then got the navy section right to the point of the left side neck and lapel..

I can't cast on for my Scoreboard cowl until Monday night (1045pm here!! there are 2 Monday night games this week and of course since I suppose most of the 49er fanbase is on California time we get the late one...) because I don't know which color to start with.  Although, I might start with black (the game break color) so I can get it joined in the round before the game starts or  I may end up with the world's biggest mobius... 

One last thing - check out my friend Grace's blogpost from the other day - she's running a contest - you could win one of her amazing beaded shawls - and it is support of Peyton Heart Project.

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  1. since I am making my own version of the football season scarf in Steeler colors I have to wait for my black yarn to arrive since the other team scored first second and twice more after that. I am doing a straight, somewhat sampler style I had plenty of black but then Thomas intervened and said the one MKAL would look better with black then dark brown and of course he was right!!! Thanks for the plug!!!!


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