Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Two parts of my brain on different calendar squares...

I'm having a hard time figuring out my location on the space time continuum today.  Part of my brain knew it was Wednesday, Braun's day, knew I had to go to work (was a bit sketchy about what time- but lately I've been getting 45's and 15's thrown in the mix.. what's wrong with 9:30 or 10? why 9:15 or 9:45?)knew I had to harass C via text at 6:45, knew what I had to  get done.  The other part of my brain thought I was supposed to be posting a knitting update, thought NFL started tonight, thought Curt was bowling tonite (his Wed summer league ended last week, he keeps going on Thur) .... Even after Braun's showed up - you would think I would figure it out..  I'm going to have to add the day of the week on the date/time widget on my phone if this keeps up...


Anyway, it is apparently Wednesday - - for about 75 minutes anyway, so reading update.  I finished 2 books (I'm reading 2 more, and have 2 ready for pickup at the library tomorrow)  I think I already mentioned that I keep hopping between books.  They are both continuations of series, both books I think I more read to find out what happens with the main characters (if Kelly ever hooks up with Steve,  I'm done with the Maggie Sefton Series) than to find out who the murderer is.  In the Sea Harbour series - I had the murderers down to 4 before the murder even happened, and I pretty much knew who did it the night of the murder - and seriously? that never happens with me - not even in stoopid sitcoms. I never peg it.

 I gave both books 3 stars on Goodreads, but don't think  I wrote any kind of review.

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