Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Girl's Guide to Moving On

A Girl's Guide to Moving on is the sequel to Last One Home, but can be read as a stand alone ( I spent half the book trying to figure out where I read the beginning of Leanne and Nicole) Leanne had been turning a blind eye to Sean's years of infidelity but can't stand by when she discovers her son Jake is cheating on his wife (whom she considers her daughter) and the thought that Owen her grandson would follow as well.

This book picks up with the two women living across the hall from one another, Leanne's divorce quick and easy, Sean was almost relieved, it's been 2 years and Jake is doing everything possible to drag out his divorce to Nicole. (Of course he meanwhile has a string of floozies going through, and doesn't seem to spend a lot of quality time with Owen.)   Leanne and Nicole came up with a list of rules to help them survive and move forward with their lives.

1. Don't allow yourself to wallow in your pain. Reach out. Volunteer. Do something you love or something to help others.

2. Cultivate new friendships (they quickly discovered that the country club set were not their true friends.

3. Let go in order to receive.

4. Love yourself

Even though Leanne's settlement left her comfortable, she takes a job teaching English as a Second Language at the community center where her star student is Nikolai, who bakes her bread because he cannot use words to explain himself.  Nicole while substitute teaching to pay her bills, volunteers at a thrift shop helping women prepare to enter the workforce.  The day her divorce is finalized she absent mindly backs into a ditch and Rocco with his tow truck pulls her out.

These two men make Sean and Jake realize too late what they have lost.  Sean's illness causes Nikolai t o walk away, while Jake threatens a custody battle causing Nicole to walk away.

Won't spoil the ending but it isn't what I expected. 

I'm betting book 3 is Nicole's oldest sister finally discovering her husband's secrets....

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