Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nothing finished but... startitis hit!

First I started my METS Shawl : (the orange/blue beaded one I discussed last week)

I'm using the pattern Luciole:

The yarn and beads is working well, I did have to redo a few times.  There is one block where there are 2 purls but that isn't listed in the legend and I thought the gap was created when I blew up the chart so I ended up short stitches the next patterned row.  The other thing is this pattern's chart is all on one page!  You couldn't read it with a microscope!  I had to blow it up 250% and I still had to blow up the 2 stitch from one and 3 stitch from one symbols on the screen to see them!  I was able to figure out the 3 was only used on the border/edge and the 2 was only used in the field, but still!  Either way I'm liking it!

I'm also making a Ghost Dance shawl ( summer scarf) with Manos Alegria in all the colours!!

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