Thursday, April 28, 2016

Resurrected an afghan started in 2008!

I was in a swap in 2008, with beach themed squares that we would add to to make a cotton beach lapghan or afghan.  This projects has lingered in the back of my projects for some time.  In the last two months I have made 3 more, and am going to try to finish this summer.

These are the blocks I have left along with the yarn (I still have scraps that I may have to use to make borders to build up some of the smaller ones)



  1. These are really cute! Do you have an English version of the top squid/octopus pattern or could you direct me to one in English? Much appreciated!

    1. I used the German Pattern I figured out that R = rechte Maschen meant Knit right side purl wrong side, L = linke Maschen meant purl right side knit wrong side, and for N = Noppe = in eine Masche 1M.l. + 1M.r. + 1M.l., wenden die 3 M. rechts stricken, wenden die 3 M links zusammenstricken I knit front back front of one loop (ended up with 3) and on next row knit the 3 together to make a nupp. So I cast on 45 and just followed the R, L and N in the pattern. Hope that helps!


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