Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Train Like A Martian!!

The Mars Generation is hosting this event April 18-24th, the final day being the day British Astronaut "runs" the London Marathon on the International Space Station.  It is raising awareness that while STEM education is important to the future of space travellers, Space is a hostile environment and astronauts will need to be fit to meet the challenge.  There are many school and youth groups participating - as well as older nerds like me. 

It is also a fundraiser for The Mars Generation :

TMG works to excite young people and adults about space and STEM education through three primary programs. The Future of Space Program is a worldwide outreach program designed to gain excitement about STEM and build support for human space exploration. The Student Space Ambassador Program encourages teens and young adults to share their excitement about space exploration with their own communities. Finally, the Space Camp Scholarship Program provides financial backing for young people who lack financial resources but show an aptitude in STEM to attend Space Camp®.

So, everyday from April 18 to 24th there will be a challenge issues (not sure if I'll get them all done on the assigned day because of work) 

More info if you're interested:


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