Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knitted Flower Project

So here are my finished flowers for The Knitted Flower Project.  I made them all out of my scrap bag of cotton yarn ( Peaches N Creme, Sugar N Creme, Lion Cotton etc)  mostly leftovers from various dishcloth projects.  I did notice in a few of the pictures that had been posted that the flowers were kinda floppy like and I wanted mine to be more structured and shaped.  So I used size 4 needles (metal yeah really) as I am a tight knitter to begin with ( I almost always have to go up a needle size to achieve gauge) I created a very stiff fabric that stands up.  The orange/yellow, yellow white/green, pink/white center were created because I ran out of the little bit I was using and added another piece.  I think my favorite is the yellow, white and green.  I like the green where it would attach to a stem. I have to stop by Mara's this week  to pick up a package of coffee to complete my valentine's day swap which is supposed to be mailed out by Thursday, so I will mail out my flowers at the same time.  

Happy Knitting!


  1. Wow! I love those flowers. I hope someone really special gets them for Valentines... I've only once knitted a flour, but it was a hat. These look so delicious, you can almost smell them!

  2. These are lovely! Great job!

  3. very beautiful, mine are floppy and thats why I like yours better


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