Sunday, May 17, 2009

$1,000,000 Smile

Tony won last night!! Woo hoo!! It was the Sprint All-Star Race. No Points and $1,000,000 check to the winner. And people thought he would struggle this season as a car owner. Gotta love that smile.
Tony said the trophy meant more to him than the check and if you see that smile - you know he meant it.

This picture from LOLNascar says it all!!

You'd think that I would feel happy and I kinda do, but not really. And if Tony winning can't cheer me up, what will ?


  1. Lets see, some cheering up suggestions.
    1- Watch DVD's with your favorite hunks in them.
    2-Buy a bouquet of flowers at the grocery just for you.
    3-Get some exercise whether you feel like it or not.
    4. Be told you are awesome and some people are jealous of your Angie since their kid dropped out of college and doesn't get up until after noon to pretend to look for a job.

    Wishing you happy days again soon!

  2. If you find out the answer let me know!!!''

    Good for Tony!


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