Thursday, May 7, 2009

I feel terrible!

pressie from grace

I feel terrible! My friend Gracie gave Jacqui and myself a present of this cookbook. Aparrently she and Tom use that cookbook for inspiration a lot. I was going to talk about this before, but I had wanted to try a recipe before hand. Of course we had record breaking heat that weekend and I was busy getting soaked last weekend. This week it has been so gray and dreary that I have no motivation whatsoever to do anything much less bake a dessert. Finally a few minutes ago the sun broke free and for real lit up the shelf I had stuck the book on.

So I am perusing it and (Grace do you really do this?) there is a page entitled "How to Bake in Cans" 14 oz tomato cans, well washed and labels removed. Hmmm. Odd. There is a yummy sounding page on flavored whipped butters. But on Sat (Angel is sleeping over a friends house after the junior prom) morning I plan on making Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Scones for Curt and I. I will let you know the outcome after.

min's choc

On Ravelry there was a thread that was totally derailed and amid the chaos Aero bars were mentioned. Min (from Philly)Min at Rhinebeck never had one!! So since it is forecast to be cool and rainy from now until Monday, I mailed her 2. One (the last one) of the regular bar and one of the chunky (bought 2 this one is MINE!) Keep your fingers crossed that it gets there without melting. I also mailed out a surprise package to the 4 year old son of my friend Jen, 'cause he's been rooting for TOny and he is just so cute you'd want to eat him up and he knows we don't root for toast cause he hits the wall ( and screams like a girl on Nascar cart), But I 'll post that after he gets it.

As mentioned earlier the Junior Prom is tomorrow night. Pic's and details forthcoming.

Oh check it out!! This is my 100th post for the year 2009! And it is my Blogversary!


  1. Cripers I forgot to give Sandy hers, What a dummy I am REMIND Me next time we are together

    We bought little pans at Wilton, we love the chocolate chip scone recipe, tom uses that as a base for his many creations

    Have fun --can't wait to see prom pix where is it?

  2. pictures?? i'm tryng to figure out how to make myself wait until they are cool enough not to leave 3rd degree burns in my mouth, and you want pictures!! Will try, just for you!

  3. Jeffrey got his package, and he was PSYCHED. First of all, he did recognize his name immediately. And then when he saw the name "Tony" written on the back...he was over the moon. I'll let you write about what was inside. :-)

  4. Congrats on your 100th post. I have never made scones so I will be waiting to see the photos and learn from your experience too. Have fun baking!

  5. Thank you! :-)
    P.S. Have a glass of ice water on standby. Small hot bite and quick sip of water. Helps keep the mouth blisters to a min.


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