Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend at the races

We went down to New Jersey Motorsports Park on Sunday. Left at 430 am (I consider that sleeping in) stopped for breakfast when we got off 295 and got there around 815. On their website, NJMP was all about announcing the grandstands and the grass. Well, the grass was mostly seedlings by the actual track surface and some rows of bare coverage by the concession stand. Basically, like last year we had ...MUD. But I had been to Walmart last week, and I found these cute little flats with 2 elastic straps across the insteps. They were plastic like crocs, with some ventholes like crocs, and were on clearance for $1!! Now I admit, I didn't have much hope for them, but I figured for $1 I could throw them out on the way home. Well, let me tell you - they were really comfortable, and it was raining so hard that even with a poncho I WAS DRENCHED, but even though my feet were wet and muddy I liked the shoes. So I brought them home and hosed them off - they are now good as new!!

Unlike NASCAR and people with brains, Grand Am runs in the rain. They have rain tires for the carsrain tires with some serious treads on them. Even so, it was raining so hard that a lot of cars spun off the track, and then dragged mud back on the track when they came back on, causing other cars to get seriously wiggly. I would have to say at least 35% of the laps were run under caution. The section of grandstand we sat in hold 930 fans ( yeah, I counted) there were 28 people in them. Plus some people by the fence. I was really happy I put my socks in a ziploc, because I think they were the only thing left dry when we left.( no I did not knit- it was pouring- and my fingers were frozen!)

picture originally from, then turned to black and white and written on
On this picture we sat where it says us(near top left), they used the inner loop of the chicane (where it says here) so they were slowing and turning and slipping a bunch. More than a handful of cars spun onto the "grass"mud right in front of us. You can also see way on the right where we sat last year- says us last year. Also pit road and the garages.

Pictures I took in the garage area etc will be in tomorrows post


  1. You mean there are actually 28 other people as devoted to car sports as you are? It sounds like a fun day. Maybe some of the drivers should come out to LA. We need help. It seems no one here knows how to drive in the rain.

  2. your tenacity to sit through all of that inspires me!

  3. I don't know if it's tenacity, stupidity, masochism or REALLY sick sense of fun!


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