Saturday, May 16, 2009

Knitting Updates

Started balling my hank of deep bruise yesterday. I'm going to have fresh bruises by the time I'm done. I really need to get a swift, ASAP. Curt has been my human swift since I discovered yummier yarns that come in hanks. He told me I was pulling from the wrong end so I switched. He was apparently wrong. It keeps getting horrible tangled. Horribly. Curt spent a good couple hours last night, we then wound some more this morning. I'll be too arthritic to knit before this thing gets wound. Don't have a picture.

Here's my completed (except for weaving the ends) right sock

right evil sockie

Here's where I'm at on the left sock

left sockie

Here's the red/white/blue tea cozy base. working on the blingy part.

patriotic cozy

And I've sorta started fooling with a concept for a new afghan

new ghan

I'm less cranky and grouchy than yesterday. Much more depressed. Don't know why. Don't know how to fix it, just hate life - mostly mine, hate being me (never really hated being me before- usually like me, hate everyone else) Then I hate feeling like this - so it makes me feel even worse.


  1. Am there feeling that, things here aren't good spent good portion of the night in tears, no knitting oh well!! Not much help am I

    Like your projects!

  2. Your socks are really cute!!!and your tea cozy. B vitimins help me when I am grouchy. Hope your days are better!!!

  3. Hey friend, the knitting and crochet look great! Love the new tea cozie. (Time to feel good about life, our boy Tony WON!)

  4. Treat yourself to a swift to lift your spirits. I love the socks, especially the really great top edging. The R/W/B tea cozy is going to be wonderful. I personally love uneven striping too. The afghan looks really like it is going to be fun.

  5. Hold on Ria. Those feelings will soon pass. I totally have those times when I hate being me and hate everyone and it will pass. Just remember you are loved.

    Knitting and crocheting look great!

    Love the Oscar picture.....

  6. Great post...socks socks socks.. I'm in the mode these days... I so new a swift too. Last year I bought one with my sister, and guess whose house it stays at, Not mine. I am tempted to get one from Knit Picks,,, they have reduced the it's pretty cheap


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