Saturday, May 2, 2009

cozy's done!!

Ok, I finished my cozy, finally! I couldn't find any pattern I liked for the flowers on top. Could not find the two books I thought could help me in any bookstores or libraries in the county. SO since I decided this must be finished today, we went with a giant yellow mum. I know mum's are a fall colorm but it was big enough and the right color and I like it so there!!

can see cable

You can see the cable in this picture, but the color is off.

better color

Here the cable disappears but the color is good.

back side

The other side - no cable

I also finished one of my evil sockies and started the second. I'll post pictures of the sockie next week. I am debating what to do for my next afghan for VJGC. Tony is in second place right now.


  1. I love it do the same thing in red and white stripes with the bottom in blue! My word verification is Teable, how appropo!!! Glad your race went well!!!

  2. Your spring tea cozy is perfect! The mum works really well as a topper. If you hadn't mentioned it being a fall flower I would never have noticed. Everything works so well together. The cable adds just the right amount of texture too.

  3. That is adorable!I love the flower♥

  4. you didn't approve my comment from yesterday, where oh where are you---hope the race wasn't a total rain out!!


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