Tuesday, May 5, 2009

more pics from the weekend

01- scott pruett's car

Scott pruett and Memo Rojas's car in the garage before the race.

childress- gentleman jack

Childress's Gentleman Jack - driven by Andy Wallace and somebody else.

gentleman jack

The front of the car.

alex gurney

Alex Gurney

rolex uses rainex!

Grand am uses rainex!! don't know why I find that so hysterical!

scott pruett

Scott Pruett in his pit before the race

memo rojas

Memo Rojas in the pits before the race

pit stop dem0

Pit Stop/ Driver change demo before the race.


  1. and a sea of umbrellas brellas brellas

  2. Wow, you really were able to get up close and personal! Great photos, thanks for sharing.


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