Saturday, May 9, 2009

Junior Prom

Friday night was Angel's Junior Prom. They went to the Atrium in West Orange. She left her camera in her friend's mom's car, so more pic's next week.

Curt Angie and Ria

Curt , Angel and I

angel's UN crew

Angel's crew


Divia, Angel, Melissa, Avni and Yahtee. Otherwise known as the UN (missing Janine and Guadalupe)


While Angel was at the prom, Curt and I went on a "date" to Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe. Had Alligator Bites ( must eat as many of them as possible before one eats me! - serious phobia- no idea why) And a stuffed Poblano Pepper with chicken and a stuffed Anaheim Pepper with shrimp. Yummy! Curtis had a Stella ( yuck) while I went with Smithwicks (yum). WE picked up and dropped them off at the local popular diner ( Yahtee's parents picked them up from there) then we went to a different diner for dessert and coffee. We were actually surprised how many parents let their kids drive themselves. (It's a half hour away) And since 17 year olds in NJ have "provisional" licenses they can't be on the road after midnite. Also we saw a few cars driving with a teen behind the wheel with 4 kids in the car ( they can only have one other non-related in the car and if related you must be in the same address) Not surprising there were more than a normal cops around here last night.


  1. Great pictures, your daughter's a very beautiful young lady. I love her dress. Her friends are beautiful you ladies also.

  2. beautiful photos the dresses are gorgerous, I especially like the black and white one, but I am all about black clothes!

    Happy mother's Day my friend, we are back from Yonkers all ready thank god!!

  3. The girls look beautiful. Very lovely family picture too. STELLA rocks! Just saying....

  4. What a lovely dress Angel has!

    Ps. I like Smithwicks too!


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