Saturday, October 10, 2009

Before and After

Beautiful fall day here in northwest NJ, cool breezy, a bit cloudy but sunny. Have you ever noticed how on a sunny fall day the light is grayer then in the winter it is bluish? I love that light. Fall is my second favorite season (winter is my favorite)

Unfortunately, the recent cold nights and rain played havoc on my front garden. The weeds grew and flowers died.

Curt and I went shopping this morning, then set to work. First we pulled most of the weeds ( the recent rain made this a bit easier) and dead flowers. Then we planted 75 spring bulbs. Pink Tulips - double late Angeliques ( any one who knows Angelique would find this hysterically appropriate) White Daffodils - double cheerfulness. An assortment of crocus bulbs, and blue irises - not the bearded kind the long skinny petaled kind. Since the crocuses should bloom first, then the daffs, then the irises and finally the late tulips, it should put some color in the garden all spring long!

I then panted some gold mums in the hanging basket formerly inhabited by geraniums. ( hanging baskets of mums were $14 - this cost me 5 and a small shovel of potting soil)

mum basket

We bought a Montauk daisy, a late fall bloomer that should come back next year, we just need to remember to cut it back in the spring for maximum blooms next fall. Daisies are my favorite flower. They look so happy!

montauk daisies

We also got some red and white mums (Tony drives red, white&black; the devils are red & white, niners are red, white and gold) and put them between the hostas.
red & white for tony!

I looked at our rose bush/tree and that retarded thing has rose buds going - so I guess we'll have another batch of roses. When it blooms, I'll pop a picture on here.


full view


  1. Your fall garden looks great! I love the bulb combination you planted for spring.

  2. What an awesome garden. You've got quiet the green thumb I must say :)


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