Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Part 2 - Friends at Rhinebeck

One of the best things about the Rhinebeck trip was all the friends I was able to meet in real life. It was the third time I had met Min, but for everyone else it was a first!

Vicki, jen, Min, Me

This photo - from left to right Vicki (Mrsbeasly) Jen (Jinniver) Min (athenasowl) and myself. Hysterical story to go with this picture. Vicki, Jen and I wanted an apple treat. Vicki and I had apple crisps, Jen had sliced apples with caramel. We were sitting and eating on the hay bales, when Min decided it would make a perfect group shot. I then said we need to get one with Min as well, since it is the third time we've hung out, but I didn't have any pics. So a woman whose friends were buying some treats offered to take a picture with all of us. So we pose , she clics. Then Min asks her to take a pic with her camera, she complies. Then Jen wants one with HER camera. Finally when Vicki hands the woman her camera - the lady said can't you guys share??

Trust me it was hysterical!! We probably scarred the woman for life. She'll be strolling along the beach someday and someone will ask her for a picture and she'll go running into the shark infested water!!


Bonnie (tinkknitz) and I.

me and Vickie

Vickie with an E and I


  1. Thanks for the photos. It looks like you had so much fun! I don't think there is anything like Rhinebeck on the west coast.

  2. LOL...too funny. Wonderful pictures my friend. Thanks for sharing :)


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