Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Part 1 of the Rhinebeck Saga

I will start my Rhinebeck tale with the story of the ride home!

Min and I left Rhinebeck, had to do two U-ies and pull over to take a picture of a political slogan- I have to get the picture from her to share - you must see it to believe it ( btw - did you know that in some areas Highway Comptroller is an elected position?? imagine that debate - are you for fewer potholes or less traffic?) We then headed home, we had some serious issues understanding Miranda ( Min's GPS) she kept telling us to turn on street A but the sign was for street B. Then she said to turn in 80 feet, we passed the turn and THEN she said turn now! As she continued to recalculate - and at one point stopped talking altogether - we were about to turn around in a roadside farm stand, when I saw the sign for roasted corn and wanted some. So we turned BACK AROUND to return for the corn. We walk around the store looking for the corn, Min finds the sign on the RAW corn. SO I was kind of pouty cause I thought it would be roasted already, wondering if there was a certain kind of corn one is supposed to roast, when I saw a cooler behind the corn. I opened it and found the roasted corn. The two women behind the counter are watching us, one with a wtf look on her face. Min makes a comment about not being able to take a girl out of Jersey or something like that. I ask about this

pumpkin cannon

pumpkin cannon

it is a pumpkin cannon!! Like I saw on one of my geeky tv shows!! It gets fired at 1 pm but it started raining so they stopped. now I'm out in the middle of the parking lot taking these pictures, Min is in serious hysterics - she couldn't even stand up straight she was laughing so hard - heading into the car. The one woman is laughing at me. I get back in the car, and we pull out. We get maybe a half mile, and Min is wondering if she should have gotten some corn. We then think about how funny it would be if we went back and Min took a picture of the cannon. i tell her I'll BUY her the corn id we do it. So we piss off Miranda some more ( we pissed her off so bad she fell off the windshield- coincidence I think not!) and turned around again. Min took the picture I got her 2 ears of corn. The unamused woman nudges the other one and points at me!!
I get to the register and the laughing woman says - that was a quick trip to NJ - we were gone less than 10 minutes - so I said we were still hungry. Then as we are getting back on the road, another guy, who was in front of me on line, pulls out in front of us from another exit, and is eating an ear of corn as he goes past!! Min was going to follow him but he turned on a really weird street.
At the end of all this - we passed the hotel on our way to the tollbooth an hour after we left Rhinebeck!!


  1. ROFLMAO...This had me rolling I tell ya :)

  2. There will be an award on my blog tomorrow for ya :)

  3. too funny... thanks♥ I hope the rest of your trip was just as exciting♥


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